Most decoration methods are chosen and priced based on colors, quantities, artwork style, size, and placement, and garment or fabric types. This is why when you ask us “How much does this cost?” we can’t give you a straight answer. We typically need to know the following before giving you accurate pricing:

  1. How many items/design do you need
  2. What does your artwork look like
  3. How many colours does your artwork need to have
  4. How large and what location do you want your imprints
  5. The fabric/style of the garments

Here’s some information to help you decide what kind of decoration method is best for your project. If you’re still not sure, we’re always happy to help. Swing by, call, or send us an email at We also have a sample shirt in our shop that has an example of each method on it.



embroidery example

Embroidery is a decorative technique that entails stitching designs onto fabric using specialized machines. The process starts with digitizing the design, followed by hooping the fabric and stitching it with various threads, followed by trimming, all to achieve vibrant and durable results. This versatile method is applicable to diverse fabrics. Its advantages include durability, a professional appearance, and the ability to add texture and detail. It is the only method that will outlast the garment itself and remains a timeless and artistic way to enhance items with intricate detailing. 


Embroidery has one initial set-up fee to digitize your artwork. This usually ranges from $100-$150 depending on complexity. For simple text, the setup is $25-35. Once this is complete, that logo at that size is on file forever and can be used for embroidery projects as many times as you like. Embroidery pricing ranges from approximately $6-$12.00/imprint. 


Minimum Order: 1 Product

Best For: Nearly any design, very low quantities, very high quantities 

Not Good For: Super intricate details, especially text, very thick fabrics, very thin fabrics 



screen print example


Screen printing is a method of decorating clothing by creating a custom design using a stencil. In this process, a stencil of the design is made on a fine mesh screen. This screen is then placed on the clothing, and ink is applied and pressed through the stencil onto the fabric using a squeegee. The clothing is then sent through a dryer to set the ink, resulting in a vibrant and durable custom design. Screen printing is known for its ability to produce bold colors, durability, cost-effectiveness for larger quantities, and versatility on various fabrics.


Minimum Order: 12 Products 

Best For: One or Two color designs, higher quantities

Not Good For: Multiple colors, designs with super fine details 


We custom quote every project but expect pricing to range from approximately $8-$35.00/imprint. On new orders, there is also usually a $60.00 Setup Fee. 



Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing is a method for customizing clothing using a digital printer. Unlike traditional stencils, your design is digitally printed directly onto the fabric. The process involves preparing a digital design, loading the clothing onto the printing machine, digitally printing the design onto the fabric, and then heat pressing it to set the ink for a vibrant and long-lasting result. DTG Printing is ideal for intricate and detailed designs, offering full-color prints without minimum order requirements. Garments must be 100% Cotton, or very close to it. The higher the blend, the more likely it is your ink will fade/wash out quickly, so we like to stick to 100% Cotton for best results. Whether you're after detailed designs or small quantities, DTG Printing provides a versatile and high-quality solution for personalized apparel. 


There is no minimum order requirement. The maximum order currently is 40 pieces. 

Minimum Order: 1

Best For: Nearly Any Design, full color, lower quantities

Not Good For: Anything but 100% cotton, super high quantities


Pricing ranges from approximately $10-$50/imprint. On new orders, there is usually a $50.00 setup fee. 




Screen print transfers utilize an ink similar to traditional screen printing, digitally printing your artwork onto a release paper. This detailed design is then heat-pressed onto the garment, ensuring vibrant results. This method combines the intricacy of digital printing with the quality of screen printing. Notably, screen print transfers are slightly more cost-effective than traditional screen printing, making them an economical choice for smaller production runs or intricate designs. 


Minimum Order: 12 Products 

Best For: Nearly any design, intricate details, nearly any garment

Not Good For: Garments that can’t withstand heat 


We custom quote every project but expect pricing to range from approximately $4-$23.00/imprint. There is always a $25.00 Setup Fee. 


We offer another version of this called DIRECT TO FILM transfers. The process is identical except it uses a different, thinner, less opaque ink. It is available in lower quantities, however, it’s not our first choice of product due to its thinness it ends up being a little finicky with finer details, and isn’t quite as vibrant. But can be the best option in certain scenarios. 


Minimum Order: 1 Product

Best For: Nearly any design, nearly any garment, very low quantities, economic

Not Good For: Garments that can’t withstand heat, designs with intricate details


We custom quote every project but expect pricing to range from approximately $4-$20.00/imprint. There is always a $25.00 Setup Fee. 




Vinyl, specifically heat transfer vinyl (HTV) or iron-on vinyl, is a thin and flexible material with an adhesive backing used for decorating apparel. Designs are cut from the vinyl using a machine, followed by the weeding process to remove excess material. The weeded vinyl is then heat-applied to the fabric using a heat press or iron, activating the adhesive and bonding the design securely. With various finishes available, including matte, glossy, and glitter, vinyl offers versatility and durability on fabrics like cotton and polyester. Ideal for small production runs. We currently offer two types of vinyl, printed vinyl for full-color smaller designs. Or cut vinyl for single-color larger designs. 


There is no minimum order for vinyl. Depending on complexity, there is usually a setup fee of around $50.00. Vinyl is typically around $10-$25/placement. 


Minimum Order: 1 Product

Best For: Very low quantities, quicker turnaround, Larger cut designs like text, smaller printed designs (patch style) 

Not Good For: Fabrics that can’t withstand heat, smaller designs that need to be cut, larger full-coverage artwork.


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